Violence Prevention Policy

Threats of imminent violence, violent incidents, or dangerous or emergency situations should be reported immediately to Saint Mary’s Campus Safety at 574-284-5000, and to local police at 911.

Saint Mary’s is committed to promoting and maintaining a safe and secure working environment for its students, faculty and staff, and visitors. Violent behavior, threats of violence, or physical intimidation will not be tolerated. If such conduct occurs, it should be promptly reported to the proper authority and investigated. The College will take appropriate action in response to reports of such conduct. Those found to have violated this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include immediate dismissal.

Prohibited Conduct

Prohibited conduct includes violent behavior, physical attacks, verbal or physical threats of violence, physical intimidation, stalking, and property damage committed by or against any faculty or staff, or any undergraduate or graduate student. Examples of personal situations that could pose a risk of violence on campus should be reported to the appropriate authority at Saint Mary’s include, but are not limited to:

Incidents or threats of domestic violence against faculty or staff, or any undergraduate or graduate student where it is possible that the threatening party could seek out the person on campus;

  • Receipt of threatening or harassing telephone calls, emails, or other communications;
  • Unwanted pursuit or threats by an outside party who has been observed at or near campus; and
  • Any situation in which faculty or staff, or any undergraduate or graduate student has obtained a protective or restraining order naming Saint Mary’s College as a prohibited area of contact.

Current students facing personal situations that involve violence or the potential for violence are encouraged to contact email Vice President for Student Affairs Karen Johnson at or 574-284-4571.

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