Faculty Retirement & Emeritus Status

Saint Mary's College grants the title of emeritus/emerita to an individual in recognition of service of significant length and effectiveness to the educational goals of the College. This rank is ordinarily granted upon retirement to a person who has spent ten (10) or more years at Saint Mary's. It is granted by the President, upon recommendation of the Provost. While emeritus/emerita faculty members do not have specific responsibilities, they are welcome to participate in academic processions held at Baccalaureate, Commencement, and similar occasions.

The College supports their continued scholarship as is practical; such facilities as laboratory and library space, for example, may be made available. Use of such facilities in support of work done for another institution of higher learning or in any other fashion that negatively impacts the interests of the College is a conflict of interest and would constitute a violation of ethical standards. As such, this could lead to review and revocation of emeritus/emerita status.


Current identification cards will be retained and updated with appropriate access.


Library privileges as faculty will continue at both the Cushwa-Leighton Library and the Hesburgh Library.

Emeritus/emerita faculty are eligible for a faculty carrel on the First Mezzanine of the Library if one is available. The priorities for use of this spaces are: 1) Saint Mary’s College current faculty members with research needs for a defined period, usually a semester and/or summer; 2) Saint Mary’s College faculty members who are on sabbatical leave for the duration of their sabbatical project; 3) Emeritus/emerita faculty or retired tenured faculty members who are under contract, for the duration of their letter of appointment period; and 4) Emeritus/emerita faculty or retired tenured faculty so long as the space is actively being used.

Carrels are currently equipped with a phone, desk, file cabinet, and chair. Emeritus/emerita faculty or tenured retired faculty, who are allocated a faculty carrel in the Library, are allocated a key only to the individual office space, not the building. Emeritus/emerita faculty or tenured retired faculty will use their carrel during regular Library hours.


The emeritus/emerita faculty or tenured retired faculty member may request to retain her/his college-owned computer (desktop or laptop). Depending on the age of the computer, the emeritus/emerita faculty or tenured retired faculty member may be asked to buy it at a reasonable cost from the College (since the College would ordinarily repurpose younger computers to other spaces on campus). User ID, email, and network access will also be retained.  


Discounts at events, bookstore, and dining hall continue.


The spouses and unmarried, dependent children of retired faculty members are eligible for the same undergraduate educational benefits for which they were eligible on the date of the faculty member’s retirement if the faculty member had at least eight (8) years of service with the College. Tuition exchange programs are not available to retired faculty.


Parking privileges will be retained.


Listing in online directory will continue unless otherwise requested.

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