Non-Tenure Track Academic Designations

There are several designations for faculty members not on tenure track:

ADJUNCT FACULTY - The designation of Adjunct Faculty, also referred to as Part Time Faculty, is normally conferred on persons who are paid to teach on a course-by-course basis. They may hold other academic or administrative positions. A letter of agreement is issued to them on a semester basis. Adjuncts are appointed on an ad hoc basis in consultation between the Department Chair and the Dean of Faculty.

VISITING - The designation of Visiting Faculty is normally conferred on persons holding short-term appointments with rank.  Visiting Faculty should meet the qualifications for the rank they hold (e.g. Visiting Assistant Professor or Visiting Associate Professor, and so on). Visiting Faculty are appointed following the procedure for Appointment to the Faculty.

PROFESSIONAL SPECIALIST - The designation of Professional Specialist is normally conferred on persons who carry out functions of a highly specialized nature and who hold an advanced degree in the relevant discipline. Professional Specialists are appointed following the procedure for Appointment to the Faculty.

LECTURER - The designation of Lecturer is conferred upon salaried part-time and full-time faculty not on the tenure track. Lecturers are appointed following the procedure for Appointment to the Faculty.

SENIOR LECTURER - An appointment to Senior Lecturer may occur after six (6) years of service as Lecturer upon recommendation of the department Chair and the Dean of Faculty and with the approval of the Provost and the President.

FACULTY FELLOWS - The designation of Faculty Fellow is conferred upon individuals who: are anticipated to have long-term relationships with the College; teach courses for a graduate program on a regular basis (typically at least one [1] course per year); contribute to the work of designing, implementing, assessing and reviewing their graduate programs; engage in efforts to develop the reputation of their graduate programs outside the College; and participate in recruitment and mentoring of students in ways that exceed the bounds of course instruction (e.g., directing student research, constructing and evaluating comprehensive exams, supervising students in community of field placements, and so on). Faculty Fellows are individuals who bring significant expertise in their fields (normally possessing the terminal degree), but who do not hold a full-time or part-time faculty appointment at the College. 

CONCURRENT FACULTY - A concurrent faculty member is an administrator who either is, by position, a member of the faculty (such as the President) or is appointed to the faculty by the President, but whose responsibilities are primarily not those of the regular faculty. Concurrent faculty do not normally have tenure status.

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