Professional Librarians Responsibilities

The professional librarians as a whole have primary responsibility in the College for such fundamental areas contributing to the educational and research mission of the College as: library service, reference service, collection development, bibliographic organization, and control. Professional librarians do not generally teach credit-bearing courses; however, they do have equivalent professional responsibilities commensurate with their role in the library. As members of the faculty, professional librarians have all the privileges and responsibilities of the faculty with the exception of academic rank.


LIBRARIANSHIP - Professional services in the library include administration, collection building, patron service, information literacy instruction, assessment of library services, and bibliographic organization and control;

SCHOLARLY ACTIVITIES - Beyond the responsibility of maintaining a superior level of librarianship, the library faculty are expected to cultivate and to improve their scholarly competence through bibliographic research, library and information science research, disciplinary research when appropriate, research into the scholarship of teaching and learning, preparation of catalogues and indexes, participation in workshops and professional meetings, and publications;

SERVICE - Professional librarians are expected to participate in appropriate professional and scholarly organizations, to participate in College governance through membership in the Faculty Assembly and on College councils and committees. As members of the community, professional librarians are expected to contribute to the work of the college, using their skills and interests as a guide to where they can best serve.

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