Promotion Policy

Promotion is neither automatic nor assured, except when promotion is contractually delineated at the time of appointment. These arrangements are limited to those appointed as Instructors who have not completed the degree criteria for Assistant Professor, but are advanced upon completion of those criteria.

Promotions are subject to the procedures of the Rank and Tenure Committee.

Assistant Professors applying for tenure are also applying for promotion to Associate Professor; either both are granted or neither is granted. Those who have been appointed initially to ranks beyond Assistant Professor may apply for tenure apart from application for further promotion. Tenured faculty may seek promotion beyond their current rank.

The principle qualifications for promotion are teaching ability, scholarly/creative work or its professional equivalent, and service to the College (through participation in governance or other activities recognized by colleagues and/or to one’s professional community). Other criteria include professional experience, professionally-related community service, and external activities that reflect positively on the College.

Candidates for promotion are expected to meet the qualifications for the rank to which they aspire, as described in Tenure Track Academic Ranks.

The criteria used in evaluating faculty performance for purposes of promotion may be found in Promotion & Tenure Criteria.

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