Teaching Load Guidelines

The normal course load for faculty is a rolling average of 18 load credits per year over a two (2)-year cycle, which is roughly equivalent to three (3) courses per semester. The Dean of Faculty, after consultation with the Department through its Chair, determines the actual number of courses, credit hours, amount of studio, laboratory, or classroom time and class size requirements for faculty in each Department. The Dean of Faculty works to ensure that faculty teaching loads are distributed as evenly as possible.

The teaching loads of faculty members are reduced in various circumstances. Although these reductions are stated in terms of courses, they are interpreted by Departments in the same way as the basic requirement. Department chairs receive a one (1)-course reduction each semester. Sources outside the College and the College Faculty Development Program may also fund reduction in teaching load. It is the responsibility of the Department to integrate load reductions into its program. Other faculty members in the Department are not expected to carry additional teaching responsibilities to accommodate load reductions.

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