Teaching & Non-Teaching Faculty Appointments

CRITERIA FOR APPOINTMENT - The appointment of a member of the faculty is based on a careful evaluation of the individual’s potential for fulfilling the responsibilities of a faculty member and on the needs of the College.

QUALIFICATIONS FOR APPOINTMENT - Candidates for teaching faculty appointments normally will be evaluated for their appointment to an academic rank in terms of the following general criteria as described in Tenure Track Academic Ranks. Candidates typically are appointed at the Assistant Professor rank. If one has not completed the advanced degree, one may be appointed as an Instructor or as an Assistant Professor. One may be identified as a visitor or not. Regardless of how the appointment is worded, a deadline for degree completion will be stipulated; if the degree is not completed within the agreed timeframe, the appointment will not be renewed. On the other hand, an extremely well-qualified candidate holding the terminal degree may be considered for appointment to a higher rank. A Department Chair wishing to request this option will, after consultation with the Provost, submit the request to the Rank and Tenure Committee, with appropriate documentation. The Rank and Tenure Committee will make its recommendation to the President, who has the final decision. Tenure is a separate matter. Librarians, who do not have academic rank, are appointed as Professional Librarian.

EMERITA/US - This rank is ordinarily granted upon retirement to a person who has spent ten (10) or more years at Saint Mary’s College. It is granted by the President, upon recommendation of the Provost. While emerita/us faculty members do not have specific responsibilities, they are welcomed to participate in academic processions held at Baccalaureate, Commencement, and similar occasions. The College supports their continued scholarship as is practical; such facilities as laboratory and library space, for example, may be made available. Use of such facilities in support of work done for another institution of higher learning or in any other fashion that negatively impacts the interests of the College is a conflict of interest and would constitute a violation of ethical standards.  As such, this could lead to review and revocation of emerita/us status.

PART-TIME TENURE-TRACK APPOINTMENTS - Part-time tenure-track appointments to the faculty are permitted for persons who, for appropriate reasons, must devote less than full-time service to the College provided that the service is at least half-time. Except in extraordinary situations, no more than one-fourth of the tenure-track faculty in any department shall have part-time appointments.

Requests by members of the tenure-track faculty for transfers between full-time and part-time service shall be made only by mutual agreement between the appointee and the College.

Standards for appointment and reappointment to tenure-track positions shall be the same for part-time service as for full-time service. The duration of contractual periods and academic ranks shall also be the same. The responsibilities and privileges of a member of the tenure-track faculty with a part-time appointment are as defined in the Governance Manual, but on a proportionate scale, to those of a member with full-time appointment.

OTHER ACADEMIC DESIGNATIONS - Administrators who do not hold faculty rank or status and who occasionally teach will be designated “Lecturer” according to the terms of their appointment. To teach, administrators should meet or exceed the qualifications listed for initial appointment to the teaching faculty at the Instructor level.

APPOINTMENTS WITH TENURE - Ordinarily, tenure is not granted upon appointment. If a candidate wishes to be considered for an appointment with tenure, that request must be considered by the Rank and Tenure Committee. Denial of tenure will not affect the candidate’s status as a candidate for appointment, nor should it be considered as affecting future consideration for tenure.

ADMINISTRATIVE APPOINTMENT WITH ACADEMIC RANK - Administrators who wish to retain their academic rank or who wish promotion in rank to accompany their administrative appointment must meet the criteria established for that rank; changes in rank will be reviewed by the Rank and Tenure Committee and must be approved by the President.

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