Termination of Non-Tenured Faculty

Non-tenured faculty are defined as those individuals who are not in a tenure-track position and who do not hold tenure. Non-tenured faculty who are hired by semester or year based on department need should be requested when the call for part-time faculty is made. For those non-tenured individuals who fill continuing positions, nonrenewal of contract or termination will follow procedures listed below.


The Department Chair should discuss with the Provost reasons for a recommendation for nonrenewal of contract. If the department no longer has a position available for that individual, or the administration has determined the position is no longer needed or cannot be supported, the non-tenured individual will be notified by the Department Chair no later than March, prior to the issuance of new contracts, that she/he will not be receiving a contract for the following academic year. 

If the position is still needed but the individual is not fulfilling the duties to the satisfaction of the department, the Department Chair will explain to the individual why she/he is not being recommended to continue on in the position. In both instances, the individual is allowed to continue working to the end of the contract year/term.

If an employee must be terminated in the middle of a contract semester or year for a behavioral or performance concern, the Department Chair first meets with the Dean of Faculty to discuss the concern and strategize about ways to resolve the issue. 

The Department Chair explains the concerns to the employee and issues a verbal warning about the need to resolve the issues immediately. The Department Chair, using the strategies discussed with the Dean of Faculty, works with the employee to determine the best course of action to resolve the issues. If these measures are not successful (requires documentation), the employee is asked to meet with the Dean of Faculty and the Department Chair to discuss the behaviors in question. At this time, a written warning is given to the employee by the Dean of Faculty stating that continuation of the concerning behaviors could result in termination if not addressed immediately. If appropriate, the employee then made aware of the Employee Assistance Program and other avenues for acquiring support in addressing her/his issues. 

If the behaviors of concern are still not resolved (requires documentation), the employee is asked to meet again with her/his Dean of Faculty and the Department Chair at which time the employee is informed she/he is terminated immediately without further options for appeal.

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