Termination of Pre-Tenured Faculty

The services of faculty who do not hold tenure may be discontinued at the end of a contract period. 

Termination of pre-tenured faculty generally follows the procedures and policies of the American Association of University Professors, as amended. In certain instances, College policy may differ from detailed procedures described in AAUP publications and, in those instances, College policy takes precedence. The material in this section is an interpretation of the following AAUP statements as it applies to the faculty of Saint Mary's College: “Standards for Non-reappointment” and “Statements on Procedural Standards in the Renewal of Nonrenewal of Faculty Appointments,” (AAUP Policy Documents and Reports).

If a pre-tenure faculty member is not reappointed, the following procedures and policies apply:


In cases of non-renewal, the College follows the AAUP recommendations in “The Standards for Notice of Non-Reappointment” (AAUP Policy Documents and Reports, as amended). Faculty members in their first year receive three (3) months’ notice, no later than March 1 of their first year of service to the College.

Faculty members in their second year receive six (6) months’ notice, no later than December 15 of their second year of service to the College. 

Faculty members in their third year, to the end of their probationary period, receive twelve (12) months’ notice. Normally, notification is sent to the faculty member at the time contracts are issued by the College. 


If a pre-tenured or non-tenure-track member of the faculty believes that a decision for non-renewal resulted from considerations that were in violation of academic freedom and wishes to appeal the decision on that basis, this appeal should be presented to the Grievance Committee of the Faculty Assembly. The matter is to be heard according to the procedure in the section on Dismissal for Serious Cause, except that the burden of proof rests with the faculty member who must establish that a violation of academic freedom was an element in the decision for non-renewal of contract. 


If requested, a faculty member may be given verbally reasons which contributed to the decision not to reappoint. If, having received reasons verbally and having been advised of potential adverse consequences, the faculty member believes that written confirmation of the reasons for denying reappointment might be useful in pursuing a professional career, that individual may request and shall receive the reasons in writing. Such a request must be made in writing and presented during the academic year in which notification of non-reappointment occurs.

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