Termination of Tenured Faculty

Saint Mary’s College generally endorses the policy recommendations of the American Association of University Professors. College policy, however, in certain instances may differ from the detailed procedures described in AAUP publications and, in those instances, College policy takes precedence. The material in this section is an interpretation of the following AAUP statements as they apply to the termination of tenured faculty at Saint Mary's College: “1976 Recommended Institutional Regulations on Academic Freedom and Tenure,” Section 4, AAUP Policy Documents and Reports, as amended. 


The contracts of tenured faculty may be terminated only under the following conditions: extraordinary Financial Emergency of the College, discontinuance of an academic program or division, and serious cause. 

To terminate a tenured appointment, the College must establish conclusively that one or more of the above conditions prevail and, except in the case of serious cause, must give the faculty member not less than twelve (12) months’ notice or one (1) full-year’s salary in lieu thereof. The standards of notification and procedure in cases involving serious cause are outlined in the section on serious cause.

In instances other than serious cause:

  1. Termination of regular appointment is to be sought only as a last resort, after every effort has been made to meet the need in other ways and to find for the teacher other employment in the institution at the same or similar pay and responsibilities;
  2. Notification of the intent to terminate a permanent position is to be made in writing stating reasons for the termination;
  3. Notification is to be made twelve (12) months prior to the termination of the position;
  4. If a tenured appointment is terminated because of Financial Exigency, the released faculty member’s place will not be filled by a replacement within a period of three (3) years unless the released faculty member has been offered reappointment, with tenure, and at the same or better rank and salary, and has rejected it in writing.
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