Human Resources Office

Integrity Policy

Saint Mary’s College is committed to the highest possible standards of ethical and legal business conduct. In keeping with that commitment, the College desires to provide an avenue for officers, trustees, and employees (including student employees) to raise concerns about the College’s conduct with the assurance that they will be protected from reprisals for good faith reports about improper conduct on the part of a member of the College community.


Catering & Food Service Policy

Catered Events and Food Service Functions are defined as the furnishing of food and beverages to the Saint Mary’s Community and guests with the intent to advance the interests of the College. Catering services may be purchased for official college meetings, functions, luncheons, receptions, and similar events. The account manager is responsible for the prudent use of catering services.

1. Definitions

Vehicle Usage Policy

A College vehicle is any vehicle owned or leased by the College and used to transport authorized people and/or cargo. College vehicles shall be used only for “Official College Business.”

“Official College Business” is defined as “the performance of, or necessary to, or in the course of, the duties of College employment or business.” College vehicles are not for personal use and reserves the right to determine whether the proposed travel constitutes “Official College Business.”

1. Authorized Drivers

Awards, Gifts & Prizes for College Employees

This policy has been developed according to IRS regulations for awards and gifts. The following are specific guidelines to follow relative to the value and type of awards and gifts that may be given to be considered non-taxable income.

1. Staff Length-of-Service Awards / Retirement Gifts

VISA Services Provided to Administrative/Staff

1. H-1B visas (A temporary visa available to individuals in professional positions. The visa may be used for a maximum period of six years)

All employees will be required to hire the chosen College attorney to prepare and submit their applications for H-1B visa status, who will charge a flat “preferred college” rate in CIS fees. The College will then sign off on the application forms.

Diversity Hiring Policy

The College has strengthened and developed recruiting sources likely to yield a pool of candidates from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic minority groups. The Human Resources Office will assist in recruiting qualified applicants for all non-faculty positions in cooperation with the department that has the open position, and will make special efforts to assist in developing such a pool. In faculty searches, Human Resources will assist in obtaining information about the applicant pool.

Criminal Background Check Policy

All staff and administrative hires and volunteers (limited for purposes of this policy to volunteers who are issued identification cards and/or keys) at Saint Mary’s College will be subject to a criminal background check. The criminal background check shall take place prior to employment and may be repeated at the discretion of the College. In no event will an individual be hired or allowed to volunteer at Saint Mary's without the completion of a criminal background check.

Dress Code Policy

All employees of the College represent Saint Mary's when interacting with students and visitors on campus. Because of this, Saint Mary's has developed some general guidelines to provide employees direction in dressing appropriately. The guidelines recognize the fact that different styles will be necessary, depending on changes of seasons, degree of student and visitor contact, and nature of work and safety considerations. However, even departments that are able to allow more casual dress requirements or have occasional “dress-down” days must adhere to these general guidelines.

Smoking Policy

In order to provide all community members with a healthy and safe environment within which to study, work and live, Saint Mary’s instituted a smoking policy in August 2000. All buildings on campus are smoke-free. Smoking is permitted only in outdoor areas of the campus and smokers are asked to respect the rights of others to avoid second-hand exposure to smoke by refraining from smoking in or near doorways, and by disposing of their smoking materials in the outdoor containers provided. Smoking is also not permitted in any College-owned vehicle.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Saint Mary’s College strives to provide a healthful, safe working environment for all employees. As part of this goal and in conjunction with federal law, the College has adopted the following policy regarding a Drug-Free Workplace. This policy, required by the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, regards the work-related effects of drug use and the unlawful possession of controlled substances.


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