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Termination of Non-Tenured Faculty

Non-tenured faculty are defined as those individuals who are not in a tenure-track position and who do not hold tenure. Non-tenured faculty who are hired by semester or year based on department need should be requested when the call for part-time faculty is made. For those non-tenured individuals who fill continuing positions, nonrenewal of contract or termination will follow procedures listed below.


Terminal Salary

If the appointment is terminated for reasons not involving moral turpitude, the faculty member receives the contracted salary in accordance with the following schedule:

Dismissal for Serious Cause

Saint Mary’s College reserves the right to terminate the services of any member of the faculty for serious cause. Dismissal for serious cause may be justified by demonstrating professional incompetence, gross neglect of professional responsibilities, conviction of a felony, continual serious disrespect for the Catholic character of this institution, or notorious and public scandal.


General Harassment Policy

I. Statement of Philosophy

Saint Mary’s College is committed to a work and educational environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Each individual has the right to work and study in an atmosphere that promotes equal opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices, including harassment.

Harassment Policy

I. Sexual Harassment

In our academic community, we seek to foster the fullest development of students' talents and aspirations, by promoting intellectual vigor, aesthetic appreciation, religious sensibility and social responsibility. The mission of Saint Mary’s College can be realized only in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. Actions which diminish such an atmosphere shall not be condoned or tolerated. 

Teaching Load Guidelines

The normal course load for faculty is a rolling average of 18 load credits per year over a two (2)-year cycle, which is roughly equivalent to three (3) courses per semester. The Dean of Faculty, after consultation with the Department through its Chair, determines the actual number of courses, credit hours, amount of studio, laboratory, or classroom time and class size requirements for faculty in each Department. The Dean of Faculty works to ensure that faculty teaching loads are distributed as evenly as possible.

Faculty Offices & Administrative Support

The College strives to provide each full-time faculty member with a private office.  Part-time faculty members often share offices with each other. 

Ordinarily, several departments share the services of one (1) staff or administrative assistant. Staff or administrative assistants should not be asked to do personal work on College time (e.g., typing the final copy of a dissertation).

Faculty Travel & Conference Support

The College encourages attendance at and participation in professional meetings in the belief that both the College and the faculty member benefit. Travel funds are available to encourage faculty members to take advantage of professional development opportunities, but — most especially — to encourage faculty members to present (defined broadly) at conferences, workshops and so on. The key elements of the policy are as follows:

Moving Expense Reimbursements

Moving expenses for new faculty and staff may be provided if deemed appropriate. At the time of initial appointment, the College will pay up to ten (10) percent of the employee’s starting contract salary with a maximum of $5,000 toward moving expenses. This money may be used for anything which the Internal Revenue Service allows as a moving expense deduction. In some cases the College will allow additional money for moving, but in these cases additional restrictions may be imposed on how the money may be spent.

Termination of Tenured Faculty

Saint Mary’s College generally endorses the policy recommendations of the American Association of University Professors. College policy, however, in certain instances may differ from the detailed procedures described in AAUP publications and, in those instances, College policy takes precedence. The material in this section is an interpretation of the following AAUP statements as they apply to the termination of tenured faculty at Saint Mary's College: “1976 Recommended Institutional Regulations on Academic Freedom and Tenure,” Section 4, AAUP Policy Documents and Reports, as amended. 


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